I’m thrilled to have had one of my encaustic paintings, “Deafening Silence”, receive an Honourable Mention Award at the 127th Annual Juried Exhibition of the Women’s Art Association of Hamilton, held at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Thank you to the jurors, Laurie Kilgour-Walsh of the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Programs and Education Department; Jeannie Kim, Artist, Educator, Cultural Worker, and Centre 3 Board of Directors; and Robert Daniel’s, Earl Court Gallery, Founder and Owner since 1973; as well as the Women’s Art Association for this award.

The show is titled “Perception” and for my two pieces, the wind-swept fields are a representation of turbulent emotions, transience of life, the passing of time, and desolation. At a glance, some people see snowy fields, others see sandy beaches. Either could be right, but deeper than that, I don’t know if it’s somewhere I’d want people to go. It’s an uncomfortable feeling for me when a place that can be considered beautiful can also make me feel alone or hopeless. Almost like a trap to draw you in. Vast, unbounded expanse – alluring but with no way back.